How Can I Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?

How to Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker

How to Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker – Instructions

You may never confess, but we all know that you hardly start your day without a cup of coffee. Most of us feel like zombies before we have an essential and boosting cup of tour favorite beverage early in the morning. It is not about the caffeine that provides energy and strength. It is about a newly shaped lifestyle, amazing flavor, taste and aroma that we breathe in every day.

From some people visiting a local coffee shop is a sacred ritual. Others prefer brewing it at home using some of the latest and advanced coffee makers. Those machines have already taken the audience by storm and turned into a vital element in a set of your kitchen appliance. However, you will be surprised to know how easy it may be to make a tasty energetic cup of coffee without using a coffee maker.

Things You Need to Make a Coffee Without Coffee Maker

Although found in millions of kitchens globally, a coffee machine is not the key component to make a good beverage. On the other hand, you will certainly need the following:

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee – despite the fact you will not need a coffee machine, a freshly roasted coffee is a key component. You will hardly prepare your favorite beverage without coffee beans, won’t you? Pay attention to the quality of beans, as they will determine the taste and flavor of your drink. The best bet is to buy them at a specialized store or purchase them online;
  • Manual Coffee Grinder – now you need to grind your beans. Using a simple manual coffee grinder is a perfect solution whenever you want to save your time and benefit for a high level of extraction. Pay attention that you are supposed to use grinded beans within 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, they will lose their aroma and flavor;
  • Hot Water – water is still necessary to make your coffee. You will need to boil it up to 205°F in order not to scald grounds, which may lead to a worse taste.

You will also need some additional components to finish the brewing process:

  • A handkerchief (instead of a coffee filter);
  • Elastic band to fix the handkerchief;
  • Large enough mug for brewing;
  • Additional coffee supplies.

How to Brew Coffee

Here is a brief but detailed instruction how to brew your coffee without a coffee maker. Follow each step to enjoy a cup of fine beverage featuring outstanding aroma and flavor.

Instructions are as follows:

  • Make sure you have all necessary components and supplies we mentioned earlier.
  • Make a filter of a handkerchief and adjust it to your cup. You can use special paper clips or other tools to fix your hand-made filter.
  • Ground the coffee beans using a manual grinder.
  • Now you can put your ground coffee into the center of your handkerchief. Make sure it covers an even area.
  • Boil two cups of water and let it go for about 30 seconds after it reaches the hit. Now you need to pour some water on the grounds to wet them. Use a small amount of boiled water to let the coffee retrieve its flavor and aroma.
  • Now you can remove all your fixing devices and clips to put off the handkerchief. The grounds will flow to the cup together with water.






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