Solving Common Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

What Are Common Keurig Coffee Maker Problems?

Keurig coffee maker has taken the audience by storm thanks to some of their key advantages. These devices are easy to use in addition to a wide selection of different K-cups to satisfy the taste of the most demanding coffee gourmet. The machine lets you prepare different types of beverage ranging from tea to hot chocolate.

In spite of all those great features, Keurig coffee maker has some drawbacks. Users often face common problems like grounds in the cup, a coffee maker leaking and so forth. Today we are going to describe some of the major pitfalls that may occur when using this device. Knowing them will let you arrange a fine performance of your coffee machine whatever happens.

Solutions to Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Plastic tasting coffee is one of the most spread problems when it comes to Keurig coffee makers. It is generally observed when using a single-serve model. Your coffee becomes unpleasant featuring a typical plastic taste. On the other hand, you can simply solve the problem by rinsing some of the brewing components. You can use white vinegar to rinse the entire brewing cycle. We also recommend washing all the removable parts of your device every time you prepare coffee.

Grounds in the cup is another common problem many of coffee fans have already experienced. The reason for the pitfall is a clogged needle that is used to stab your K-cup sets. It all delivers a nasty grainy texture of the beverage. However, it can hardly be a serious reason to worry about. You can fix the bug without facing any difficulties. All you need is to clean the needle using a toothpick or something like that. As soon as you are done with the needle cleaning, you can enjoy tasty coffee again.

Sometimes you may notice that there is less coffee in the cup than you have selected. The problem deals with clogged water due to grounds and other debris. Clog’s bad condition may result in no coffee at all in the cup after the brewing cycle. Follow easy steps to fix the problem easily:

  • Clean the needle;
  • Run a brewing cycle with water only;
  • Clean all the ground stuck inside;
  • Find an open water line ready for usage.

In some cases, your coffee maker may shut off during the brewing process. It is another problem many coffee fans face when using Keurig coffee maker. It occurs mainly due to vibrations during the cycle. It dislodges the magnet placed in the water compartment. All you need is to distract the reservoir, assemble it and put it back to benefit from a fine tasted coffee.

Keurig Coffee Maker Leaking

Leakage is another common problem for these coffee makers. In some cases, you may find your rubber gasket in a bad condition or installed inappropriately. Sometimes it is simply missing. You need to examine the needle including its upper part in order to check if the rubber gasket is there and installed correctly. If not, all you need is to buy a new gasket in the nearest mall unless you have a valid guarantee to contact Keurig service center and fix the malfunction.

If the problem is not solved after installing a new gasket I a proper way, the reason may hide behind the faulty adjustment. In other words, there is gap between the water inflow and K-cup. It results in water and grounds leaking out creating a huge mess in your kitchen. Despite the fact the problem might seem rather serious, all you need to move gasket down in order to block free space between the K-cup and the needle.




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