Top Rated Coffee Makers 2016

Top Coffee Makers

3 A-List Top Rated Coffee Makers

Some may brew their own coffee at home, while others prefer visiting nearest coffee houses on the way to work. One thing is clear – having a cup of tasty and boosting beverage has turned into a pleasant routine for millions of people. Many turn to preparing coffee on their own, which comes with a necessity to choose some of the best-rated coffee makers available on stock. With so many new models with numerous features and option, choosing the right one may turn into a tough challenge.

We decide to prevent you from scratching your head. Keep in touch with our list of 3 top coffee makers that will certainly exceed your expectations. The purchasing process will bring less headache, as you do not have to surf the web in search of the best device combining great features and affordable prices.

Choose from the Best-Rated Coffee Makers

Whenever you want something done well, you need to pay for that. The same thing is with top coffee makers. The price starts from about $60. However, you should be prepared to pay even more in case you seek for additional features and functions.

1 Bonavita 1900TS

The first place goes to Bonavita 1900TS. This is a perfect example of multi-functional drip coffee maker that tends to break the edge of home brewing. It delivers a revolutionary experience to all coffee fans. You will appreciate is classic and at the same time trendy design that turns the device into an additional decorating element for your kitchen. The model features compact dimensions to let you easily store it whenever you need. At the same time, it will make it easy for you to prepare one of the best cups of coffee you have ever tried. The performance is based on the principle of pre-infusion.

The idea is to wet the grounds beforehand and only then the brewing process is launched. Pre-infusion process reveals all the best flavors and properties and delivers a higher level of brewing consistency. The machine consists of some fundamental components including 8-cup carafe that will keep your coffee hot for almost 4 hours after the session is over. The price starts from $140. The key advantages of this model include:

  • Compact Sizes;
  • Great Efficiency;

2 Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew

This model has certainly deserved its second position in our list of top rated coffee makers. It will hardly cost you more than $60. On the other hand, it comes with a set of all necessary features and advantages to let you enjoy your favorite drink every morning. It has a durable and efficient thermal carafe made of stainless steel. It can keep your coffee hot for a longer period if compared with other models of the same class. This is due to vacuum-insulated structure of carafe. Another beneficiary features and components include:

  • Removable water compartment;
  • Programmable settings;
  • Timer;
  • Two Brewing Modes (normal and bold).

You will hardly find a better coffee machine at such process.



3 Cuisinart DCC-2650

Cuisinart DCC-2650 is the last in our list of best-rated coffee makers. For only $100, you get your personal barista. The model comes with maximum functionality in addition to a set of programmable functions letting you:

  • Pause the cycle to have a cup of coffee;
  • Set necessary time for brewing;
  • Keep your coffee hot as long as possible;
  • “Bold” settings and more.

Self-clean function is another great benefit compared with other models in this segment.



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