Opt for the Best Coffee Grinder – Users’ Guide

Best Coffee Grinder

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder – Users’ Tips

Choosing the right coffee grinder can turn into a headache. Many brands introduce their innovative models with a set of features and functions. However, the main mission of any grinder is to prepare the finest and best tasting coffee you have ever tried.

Coffee grinders can be divided into several groups starting from the most simple blade grinders that can be found in the nearest mall to complicated burr grinders and coffee machines with programmable settings and more functions to benefit. Although both groups are different from each other, they are all based on the same principle. The idea is to break coffee beans into smaller pieces in order to extract as much flavor and aroma as possible.

Types of Coffee Grinders

We have already mentioned the two main types of grinders that are available on stock. They include:

  • Blade grinders – the cheapest devices to break coffee beans into pieces. You will hardly face any difficulties when purchasing it in the nearest mall. They are cheap and easy to use. Major components include a blade and a motor used to rotate the blade. All you need is to add some beans inside the machine, close it and push the power button. The longer you grind the beans, the smaller size they will have. The process comes with maximum simplicity. On the other hand, this type of grinders has one huge drawback, which is the lack of power. At the same time you are not able to take control over the process and consistency;
  • Burr Grinders – these grinders introduce two main classifications including flat blade and conical grinders. The first one consists of two flat parallel blades featuring shearing effect when grinding coffee beans. Flat burrs provide a wider area for extraction during the process. Conical type consists of two burrs shaped cone that face each other. The distance between two burrs will directly depend on the size of the grind.

While some still opt for a cheaper variant in the face of blade grinders, others have already taken the full of some finest grinded coffee prepared with the help of burr grinders. They come with more flexibility and options letting users range between:

  • Speed rates;
  • Dosage capabilities;
  • Type of grind and more.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder?

A good coffee grinder typically comes with a set of basic features. Some brands offer advanced models with additional functions and programmable settings. In spite of your preferences and needs, you need to consider some of the following features that define the best coffee grinder:

  • The structure of the coffee maker;
  • The shape of burrs (conical or flat);
  • Grind power and speed;
  • Additional functions (pause, auto switch off, etc.).

You will certainly find all the above-mentioned in any coffee grinder produced by some recognizable and reputable brands presented in the market. The more functions you need, the more you will have to pay for your coffee maker. On the other hand, some functions are essential. For example, an auto switch off will never result in problems whenever you are in a hurry and forget to turn off the coffee maker.

The type of filter and carafe are also vital to consider. You need to check the material they are made of, in order to benefit from a long lasting and durable device. No matter how good looking and relive your coffee asker looks, do not forget to proceed with a regular cleaning to remove all coffee, mold and grounds and taste the finest beverage every morning.





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