Need Help with Choosing the Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Help Me Choose the Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

True coffee gourmets will hardly appreciate pouring ice over a hot drink that will lead to a lack of taste, flavor and smell. Whenever you want to feel those unforgettable fruity, chocolate and floral notes, cold brew coffee is the best bet for you. Steeping process lets you decrease the level of bitterness that is typical to hot coffee that was cold with ice or put in the refrigerator.

Having a cold brew coffee maker by your side is a must for every coffee fan who wants to benefit from the following:

  • Easy Preparation process – cold brew coffee makers are very easy to use. They do not require learning any pouring techniques like professional baristas. All you need is to add coffee and water;
  • Minimum Acidity – the brewing process is much milder when it comes cold brew coffee makers. The latest studies have shown that these devices produce 67% less acidity if compared with typical coffee brewers. In other words, cold brew machines are the best bet for people with weak stomachs or heartburn;
  • Wide Selection of Recipes – you can choose a recipe according to your mood or time of the day. You may benefit from a wide range of options and add all your favorite ingredients ranging from sugar and milk to fruits and liquors preparing a unique and dazzling cocktail. Feel free to express your imagination and creativity;
  • Long-Term Storage – you can keep your cold brew coffee in the fridge up to 14 days. It is a good feature if you are always in a hurry. Having a glass of cold and refreshing beverage by our side is always great.

However, before you immerse yourself in this world of amazing tastes and flavors, you need to choose the best cold brew coffee maker.

What Defines a Good Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Let’s discuss some of the key factors that will let you make the right choice.

Factor 1 – Size

Some people think that the bigger their coffee machine, the better. Well, they are not. Huge dimensions may not interact in a proper way with your kitchen interior and design. Moreover, you may face difficulties when choosing the right storage place for your coffee maker. It can turn into a huge problem actually. You should not underestimate compact sizes.

Whenever you are tight with a free space and call for something smaller, do not hesitate to buy a shorter device to fit your kitchen interior. Many models come in the form of all-in-one sets with all necessary components in one place.

Factor 2 – Filters

As a rule, all filters are made of paper and metal. On the one hand, paper filters are good when it comes to flavor and taste extraction. On the other hand, you will hardly appreciate all that mess if the filter breaks down. Paper is obviously less reliable and durable when compared with metal.

Metal filters are better, as they are easier to wash and maintain. They come with less mess and waste and provide a better duration.

Factor 3 – Technique

Modern coffee machines come with a range of different settings, programmable functions, electronic features and more. Cold brew coffee makers are not an exception. They require at least some basic technical skills to use those devices properly. Most of them deliver several brewing methods at the same time. A clear understanding of brewing techniques will result in a better consistency and a better taste.




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