Cleaning a Coffee Maker – Useful Tips

All You Need to Know When Cleaning a Coffee Maker

You might think your coffee maker is actually the cleanest spot in the kitchen. Well, you will be surprised to know that your beloved device provides an ideal environment for millions of germs and bacteria to evolve. According to the latest studies, coffee machines come as a hot and moist area to host mold, hard water minerals, yeast and more.

Moreover, the latest researches show that your coffee machine can be even dirtier if compared with some spots in the bathroom. You will be surprised how many germs and bacteria can be found in the machine that prepares your favorite beverage each day. Sounds nasty, right? Fortunately, we have plenty of things to cope with that problem. Users can opt for various cleaning strategies that can be easily implemented at home without any special equipment or skills.

Here you will find some easy ways to clean your coffee maker no matter if you use a single-serve device or coffee makers with carafes.

Ways to Clean a Coffee Maker

The best bet is to proceed with regular cleaning of all removable parts after each preparation. In other words, you can use a simple soapy hot water to wash all the components each time the session is over. The main idea is to remove all grinds, coffee and oil left after the brewing process. Make sure all the components are dry before you reassemble them. Moisture and high temperature create an ideal environment for germs and bacteria.

In spite of regular washing, general cleaning is also necessary at least once a month. The water we use is full of hard minerals that can have a negative effect on the performance of your coffee maker. Whenever you notice it takes longer to proceed with grinding, it is high time you did a general cleaning. Using white vinegar will be a good idea.

Easy Steps to Clean a Coffee Maker

Before you start cleaning a coffee maker, you will need some materials. They include:

  • Soap;
  • Hot Water;
  • Damp Towels;
  • Dry Towels;
  • White Vinegar.

The process is very easy and fast. It will hardly take you more than a couple of hours.

  • Take off all removable parts and rinse them. You need to get rid of all the coffee grounds left in the filter.
  • Come up with a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. Now you need to pour that mixture into the water reservoir to the full capacity and launch a brewing process.
  • You do not need to run the entire session at once. Switch the machine off in the middle of the cycle. Leave it alone with the vinegar mixture for at least one hour and then finish the cycle.
  • When the cycle is completed, you need to discard the mixture of water and vinegar and rinse all the components with fresh water.
  • Repeat a brewing cycle for several more times using fresh water only. Make sure there is no smell or any other sign of vinegar.
  • Use dry towels to wipe all the components down to avoid moisture.
  • Assemble the device and benefit from fresh and tasty coffee.

Cleaning a coffee maker is essential whenever you want to take an advantage of a tasty beverage as well as the long-serving device. Take care of your family and friends and prepare only the finest drink! Hope you’ve found our instructions useful.




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