How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar – Useful Kitchen Tips

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Why is it necessary to clean a coffee maker? Well, the answer is simple. If you still want to benefit from a flawless taste and flavor of your beverage, you need to clean your device at least once a month. It appears that hard-water deposits build up inside the coffee makers without any exceptions. They negatively affect the taste as well as other impurities and oily residue. These factors are the main reason for an unpleasant flavor and smell of your coffee. Whenever you start feeling it, you need to have your device cleaned as soon as possible. Today, we will tell you how.

As we have noted earlier, all coffee makers should be cleaned at list twice a month. You do not need to call the emergency services or any other rescue teams to proceed with cleaning. All you need is some vinegar and clean water. That’s it! Follow our useful kitchen tips.

Steps to Clean A Coffee Maker with Vinegar

It is not enough just to wash the pot, carafe or filter. You need to enable a thorough procedure following these steps:

  • Mix 6 cups of clear water with 3 cups if white vinegar. Make sure this amount is enough to fill the pot. If you need some more mixture, keep the same proportion: 1 cup of water to half a cup of vinegar. You may also use some other substances and components to clean the coffee maker. However, vinegar is available for everyone and can be used at home without any risk.

Note: Whatever you choose to clean the device, never opt for baking soda mixed with warm water. Otherwise, you will have your coffee maker totally damaged and out of order. On the other hand, vinegar lets you benefit from over 75% clean device.

  • At the next stage, you need to insert a filter into the coffee maker the same way you usually make your coffee.
  • Now you need to add a mixture of water and vinegar into the necessary reservoir. It is the same where you traditionally add water when preparing coffee.
  • It is high time you switched the device on and waited until the entire process is completed.
  • As soon as the coffee maker stops, you need to take the filter out and take the mixture away.
  • At this stage, your coffee maker needs some rest. Let it go for at least 15 minutes when being switched off.
  • Use clear water to rinse the pot.
  • Repeat the entire procedure for several times. The only difference is that you will need only plain water without vinegar. The main idea is to wash it away. As soon as you are done with it, smell the pot. If you do not feel any vinegar, your coffee maker is clean. Repeat rinsing procedure for several times in case of necessity.

Having your coffee machine clean and under great working conditions is essential whenever you want to take the advantage of tasty coffee featuring amazing smell and flavor. These easy kitchen tips will let you clean your device every time you feel like the good old taste is gone.




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