How to Use a Coffee Maker – 6 Easy Steps

How to Use a Coffee Maker

With millions of cups drunk daily in the United States only, making coffee has turned into a nationwide ritual. Before the first coffee makers made their debut, coming up with a cup of a favorite beverage in the morning took some time. Today you can turn the process into an easy and fast way to enjoy one of the most popular drinks whenever you need with only one push of a button.

On the other hand, plenty of innovative and advanced models appear featuring numerous functions and additional options. Using them may appear to be a hard challenge especially when it comes to novice homemade baristas. We have come up with some essential stages of using a traditional coffee maker. You will hardly face any difficulties when following our instruction.

Coffee Maker User Guide

Before you start using a coffee maker, you need to make sure:

  • It fits the coffee grind;
  • It has all necessary components;
  • It is in working condition.

As soon as you are done with all perpetrations, you now can enjoy some of your favorite blends. All you need is to follow these steps:

Step 1

At the first stage, you need to add coffee to the filter basket provided. Some opt for cheaper generic alternatives. We recommend avoiding those filters, as they can hardly deliver the most from your coffee blend including taste and flavor. Non-generic filters are the best bet for sure.

Step 2

Add coffee to the filter depending on the amount of beverage you would like to get in the end. The idea is clear. The more guests you have, the more coffee you will need to add. Pay attention that various models and versions call for different water and coffee ratio. It also depends on the type of beverage you are eager to make. Producers generally provide instructions and detailed guides for all types of beverages you can make using their device. You will hardly find yourself in a tight corner. You shopped also note that the ratio may vary in accordance with a particular coffee blend. Read the instructions provided on the package. Use a tablespoon when adding a necessary amount of coffee, unless your coffee maker is provided together with a separate scoop.

Step 3

Now you need to add a necessary amount of water in order to make your beverage. As a rule. Most coffee machines come with social markers or lines letting you know how much water would be enough. Many rookies make a common mistake when pouring water right into the filter basket. This is wrong! Every coffee maker has a separate compartment to store the water before the brewing process is launched.

Step 4

Now you are ready to switch your coffee maker on. All you need is to plug it in and push the “start” button. Some modern models have automated launching functions. The brewing process starts in case you do everything right equal to a washing machine.

Step 5

Always wait until the process is completed. Never stop your coffee machine in advance unless it has a “pause” function.

Step 6

Never forget to clean your coffee maker after every session. It will enable a longer durability and great quality of the beverage as well. Whenever you use a paper filter, use it only once. Throw the filter away after each session. Mesh filters are less demanding when it comes to cleaning. All you need is to throw the rest of the grounds away and wash it.

Preparing coffee using a coffee maker is a useful and at the same time indispensable skill. It does not call for any special knowledge or abilities. Use our guide becoming a member of a huge global community of coffee fans!



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